Enriching Communities & Families


A growing investment group specializing in a multi-family real estate in the South Puget Sound area. We identify, transition, and operate real estate investments using pooled capital. Learn more about us.


Who We Are

Prestige Equity Partners was formed in early 2016. Jeremy and Andy have grown their combined portfolio from 27 to 145 units. They currently have over $23 million in assets under management. Together they have completed eight acquisitions using syndication. One property was sold and investors received at total return on their passive investment exceeding 70 percent. Their goal is to enrich the community and families through their work.

Prestige Equity Partners is a growing investment group specializing in the multi-family real estate in the South Puget Sound area. We identify, transition, and operate real estate investments using pooled capital. Our mission is to invest in long-term assets to enrich communities and families.


Contact Jeremy or Andy to schedule an in-person or phone meeting. You must be an accredited investor to apply for investment. We do not guarantee all accredited investors will be approved. The minimum investment is $50,000. 

Andy Elfers

Andy Elfers purchased his first rental real estate in 2004. He owned and self-managed a growing portfolio starting with single-family homes until 2012. He self-managed 8 units until 2015 when he made the jump to larger properties and increased his portfolio to 24 units through syndication. He finally accomplished his goal to be fully self-employed in real estate investments in 2017. His employment before 2017 was in finance, accounting, and tax auditing for Washington State since 2005. He enjoys the outdoors, road trips with his family, and being actively involved in his community.

Jeremy Martinson

Jeremy Martinson owns and operates a painting business. He built it from scratch over 20 years ago. Currently he manages 30 year-round employees and up to 15 seasonal employees. As the sole owner of Martinson Painting, he manages more than 200 projects and budgets over $2.5 million annually. Jeremy designed and built his home in 2010. Since 2007 he has self-managed commercial real estate and a single-family property. Jeremy brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in project management, business leadership, sales, and customer service. In his free time Jeremy enjoys skiing, surfing, biking, and quality family time.


Our Values & Goals



  • We commit to personal financial participation in every project we do
  • Our fees are structed to incentivize efficiency and profitable results
  • We invest locally so we can ensure diligence in oversight

 Forward Thinking

  • We invest in locations with access to employment centers and healthy communities
  • We are committed to optimistic realism. We invest with recessions in mind when we consider acquisition costs and leverage.
  • We strive to find opportunities for growth through income growth or expense reduction with long-term sustainability in mind
  • We strive for collective value. Acting prudently towards regulators, vendors, and tenants. Build and nurture long-term relationships with partners and stakeholders.


  • Utilize expert resources to gain perspective for creative and better solutions
  • Create and improve systems to identify and address inefficiencies
  • Regularly measure, evaluate, and improve productivity


  • Provide high-quality living areas which are well managed and well maintained.
  • Create passive income for investors. We believe real estate is the best option for preserving wealth and creating an income stream.
  • Respond timely to stakeholder questions with courtesy and professionalism
  • Delegate workload appropriately to partners